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Jason Somerville Net Worth

Twitch superstar Jason Somerville has had a poker career which is envied throughout the poker community. Somerville’s net worth is something commonly discussed as he has so many different income streams. Somerville is a very modern poker player who knows that poker shouldn’t be the only source of income for a professional poker player.

jason somerville net worth

How does Jason Somerville make money?

At the moment, most of Somerville’s income is earned from his ‘Run it UP’ brand and his PokerStars affiliation. Somerville uses his Twitch stream to promote his brand, but also generates income through followers subscribing to his channel. Twitch and Somerville share each $5 subscription, and his stream is the most subscribed Twitch poker stream currently running.

Somerville’s PokerStars affiliation does generate plenty of income, as PokerStars are investing heavily in the biggest poker streamer to ever have appeared on Twitch. Somerville engages his fans much better than all of his competition, and PokerStars sees this as a great opportunity to draw more new players to their site.

jason somerville net worth

Is Jason Somerville profitable at poker?

While Somerville has a lot of behind-the-scenes poker and gambling action, all of his play on his stream is accurately recorded on his RIU Stats website. According to his stats website, he made $40,000 poker profit in 2015 alone.

Somerville has worked very hard on his mixed games recently, and that showed during the 2016 WSOP where he cashed 5 times with 4 of those cashes in games other than No Limit Hold’em.

According to Somerville’s Hendon Mob page, he has made $3.6 million in live poker earnings. This includes a WSOP bracelet from 2011, and a 4th placed finish in a super high roller event in 2014. Dan Smith won this event for over $2 million.

Other gambling activities

Somerville has made many mentions on stream about his general gambling activities. He regularly bets on sports with a big focus on the UFC as he is a huge fan of the sport. While Somerville does frequently gamble, this would not impact his net worth too seriously.

What is Jason Somerville’s net worth?

Jason Somerville’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. This has been calculated through his online and live poker winnings, as well as the value of his ‘Run it UP’ brand. His Twitch earnings are only a fraction of his net worth, but are still quite substantial. Somerville’s PokerStars affiliation is difficult to put a dollar figure on, but this is likely to be a stable source for the next few years at least.

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