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Is Chris Moneymaker His Real Name?

Did Chris Moneymaker change his name?

Chris Moneymaker’s real name is a question that is asked on a regular basis. How can someone in the poker industry have a surname such as ‘Moneymaker’? Surely is has been changed to reflect his profession?

Chris Moneymaker was born with the surname ‘Moneymaker’ and was not changed due to the fact that he played a lot of poker, or had a master’s degree in accounting.

If you look back through the Moneymaker family tree, you will notice that Moneymaker was not always the surname of his ancestors. You will notice that some generations ago, Moneymaker’s relatives had the surname of ‘Nurmacher’.

The Nurmacher’s manufactured gold and silver coins and decided that Moneymaker was more appropriate for their business prospects.

While it may be a complete coincidence that someone with ‘Moneymaker’ as a surname won $2.5 million at the World Series of Poker, it is not a coincidence that he started playing poker.

Following his family history, Moneymaker became an accountant which undoubtedly led him into the world of poker.

Chris Moneymaker was solely responsible for the ‘poker boom’, and has only ever been a positive figure in poker.

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