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Is Andrew Feldman Broke?

Andrew Feldman has become a very controversial figure in the poker world, but is he broke? The former Full Tilt Poker pro stated his poker career online at the age of 18, but how did that pan out?

Is Andrew Feldman Broke?

Andrew Feldman’s documentary appearance

Andrew Feldman appeared on a BBC documentary which also featured Luke Schwartz. The documentary focused on poker and gambling addiction. The documentary explores how Feldman has lot a lot of money gambling, and how he may be addicted. See the below video for more.

Sam Trickett vs. Andrew Feldman controversy

Well known high-stakes poker professional, Sam Trickett posted a message on Twitter saying “I had money stolen from me by a well known poker pro,that i thought was my friend! If he dont call me soon,I going to expose him 4 what he is.”. It has since been revealed that the person he was speaking about was Andrew Feldman.

The Twitter war between them both was quite vicious with Feldman fighting back saying “Fed up of constantly being linked to the #samtrickettscandal. Its been almost a month since he said he would out the thief,”.

The dagger from Trickett was a Tweet which read “not going 2 go in 2 detail but please nobody trust @Andrewfeldman1, the guy is a very deluded untrustworthy person.ifound out the hard way,”.

Feldman has since deleted his Twitter account.

The feud seemed to be over €25,000 which Feldman borrowed from Trickett. It is believed that Feldman ‘getting out of poker’ was used as the excuse not to repay the debt.

To add some humor to the situation Feldman appeared on the TV show ‘The Secret Millionaire’ where ‘millionaires’ take part in a swap which sees them participate in charity work. They are then revealed to be very wealthy.

Andrew Feldman’s poker success

Andrew Feldman has had some big tournament scores, mainly in Europe. Some of his biggest cashes include:
– $250,000 in the UK Open IV, Maidstone (NLHE Finals)
– £96,212 in the $10k high roller heads-up WSOPE
– $124,402 in the $15k high roller event at the 2nd Annual Full Tilt Cyprus Classic, Kyrenia

Feldman’s most recent cash was in February 2012 where he has since disappeared off the tournament poker scene. You can see his full tournament poker results here.

So is Andrew Feldman Broke?

All public indications seem like Feldman doesn’t have the type of money he had in his peak. This isn’t to say he is broke, but in all likelihood will not return to the lavish, millionaire lifestyle anytime soon.

Any reappearance by Feldman in the poker world would be quite controversial, so getting details of his wealth will be difficult. Unfortunately the answer to whether Andrew Feldman is broke cannot be determined to any level of specificity.

There are rumors that he has since moved to Australia to study.

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