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Is Brad Booth Broke?

Bradley Booth is one of the best poker players that Canada has produced. So has the Canadian superstar gone broke?

He shot to stardom when he started playing on the Game Show Network’s (GSN) High Stakes Poker. He was known as a highs stakes player for a while and has been called a poker savant by legends like Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth. Brad has disappeared from the high stake poker circuit, leading most people to believe that he was broke.

Is Brad Booth Broke

During the early 2000s, Booth emerged as the most successful cash game poker player. Most of the people who knew booth knew him from the high-limit ring games and his appearances on reality/games show styled TV show like NBC’s Poker in the Dark.

Booth had his own share of darkness when he found himself in the middle of a cheating scandal when the 3rd season of High Stakes poker aired in 2007. Ultimate Bet was found to be cheating and misleading people at the tables.

Ultimate Bet was not the only one doing shady business however, this could have been the scandal that broke Brad Booth’s career because he had unwittingly become the poster boy for High Stakes Poker. The rationale amongst other poker players is that if he was such a big part of the show he should have been able to detect that a scam was being run. Booth is said to have specifically lost approximately $4.8 million since that scandal and in 2012, and he still had debts to settle.

Most Memorable moment

Perhaps the most memorable moment in Booth’s career is the way he won when he pulled a big bluff against Phil Ivy. The gambling world was abuzz about the young and the balls he had to pull a move like this on a veteran like Ivy. After a couple of wins, Booth went on the Leas Vegas and lived at the Bellagio. After the big scandal and his fall from grace, Booth’s career careened to a halt. He moved from living a multi-millionaire’s life with Ferrari’s to driving a 9187 Honda civic and relocating back to Vancouver.

A Child Prodigy

Bradley Booth started playing poker at a very young age. He would watch his mother and sister play dollar games. He learnt the game by watching and soon he was the one helping his mother to win the games. At age 7 he learnt a new way of playing at his grandfather’s barber shop, the no-limit five-card draw but people would not play with him because even at that age he could shuffle cards like a seasoned pro. One could call him a prodigy because he learnt to play variations of poker that a lot of pros had to play for years to master.

He realized at an early age that the big money was in buy-in games and in order to earn the money, he would ditch school to work at a Pizza a place. He finally dropped the news that he had actually dropped out of school after his 16 the birthday. He packed up and figured he’d make a career playing hockey in and playing pool and poker. He actually did play junior Hockey in Abbotsford, went to some form of alternative schooling and worked at a grocery store all the while sneaking into the U.S to play poker.

When his mother died, Brad found out he had been adopted. That shook him to a point where he simply left and went to stay in small town Yukon and that is how the name of Yukon Brad came about.

Yukon Brad’s rise to fame

· Booth started an underground card room in Whitehorse

· In 2012 he visited Las Vegas and like all gamblers before him, found a real attachment and he stayed

· He entered the First World series of Poker in 2005 and placed 12th

· He played in two more tournament the World Poker Tour in 2005 and 2006

· On June 2nd, 2006 he got his biggest pay day date the Mandalay Bay Poker Championship

· He appeared in the GSN series Highs Stakes Poker

Along with his rising star as a poker player to be reckoned with Booth not only lived at the Bellagio. For 14 straight years he played non-stop poker all over the world and became a celebrity other celebrities wanted to be around.

So is Brad Booth really Broke

He released a video a couple of years back apologizing for the ultimate bet Casino scam and for not paying back debts that he owned. He seems more subdued, a little more grown up, less flashy. The guy who once counted Bobby Baldwin as a close friend and cruised the Mediterranean Sea on private yachts now lives in Vancouver. His priorities have shifted now that he has a family. Although he still plays, he has vowed he would not that life consume him.

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