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Chris Moneymaker’s Net Worth

Christopher Bryan Moneymaker was born on November 21st 1975 in Atlanta Georgia. He is an American poker player who is known for winning the main even at the 2003 (WSOP) World Series of Poker. He is recognised as the first person to win a world championship by qualifying at an online poker site. Before joining poker he was an accountant.

Poker Success

2003 – World Series of Poker satellite tournament $2.5 million

2004 – World Poker Tour, Shooting stars event $200,000 and was in the second place

2008 – World Championship of Online Poker No limit Hold’em where he was in position six and won over $139,000

2009 – World Poker Open tournament, Deep stack Pot limit Omaha event $15,889

2011 – PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $130,000

By April 2010, his live tournament earnings were over $3,000,000 and $2,532,041 of this is from the World Series of Poker. He attributes his wins to consistency and hard work which he believes helped him win the championship.

Social and personal life

Chris’s family were makers of gold and silver and they were known by the German name Nurmacher. The name Moneymaker was a modification of his ancestors’ name who were originally makers of Gold and silver. Chris attended Farragut High School in Tennessee. After excelling in his final exams he joined the University of Tennessee where he graduated with a master’s degree in Accounting. While working as an accountant he developed the urge to play online poker.

Chris Moneymaker has been married twice. His first marriage ended in a divorce in 2004 when he divorced his wife. According to him, the divorce was a result of his acquired new lifestyle which his wife could not withstand. He was moving all over the world and he had little time for her. Before the divorce he tried to go back to his old profession for her unfortunately he could not continue with the profession. Therefore the marriage had to end a year after his first win.

He has a daughter from the first marriage. Currently, he is married to Christina Wren whom he married in 2005. They have three children and they live in Nashville, Tennessee. It is important to point out at this point that the divorce did cost him a lot and he started making losses forcing him to reduce his involvement in poker.

Chris Moneymaker’s actual net worth

Chris moneymaker net worth is estimated to be between $7 million and $10 million. All these wealth is believed to be from his several poker winnings and being a professional poker player. Majorly his wealth is attributed to his winning of the 2003 WSOP.

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