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Is Chris Ferguson Broke?

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Has Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson Gone Broke?

Chris Ferguson has won 5 WSOP bracelets and is known as the toughest man on a poker table. The Justice Department of America reported that Chris Ferguson, also known as Jesus, owned 19.2% of Tiltware LLC, the previous root company of Full Tilt Poker. Chris has won more than $8,000,000 throughout his life and he garnered the major event at the 2000 WSOP. She gained many world series events prior to clinching his preliminary bracelet. His first most WSOP gold was when he secured a 7-card Stud Event of 2000.

Are Ferguson’s comments still respected?

The quiet man with sunglasses and a cowboy hat at the poker table knows how he does his thing. According to him, the tactics and mental challenge of the game theory in a poker game matters a lot that trying to make money. This was evident when he converted $0 to a stunning $10,000. Ferguson managed to win the $10,000 from nothing through freerolls. In this case, the winner gets a fraction of money, or maybe a free entry to a tournament that you play for money. After playing tactically for a few months, the freerolls turned into just $6. Through his patience and elegant strategy, he managed to end up with $10,000 in his account, from nothing.

Chris Ferguson’s top five tournament cashes:

– 1st place for $1.5 million at the World Championship No Limit Texas Hold’em – 31st WSOP 2000.
– 1st place for $655,220 at the ESPN, The WSOP Circuit Championship – WSOP Circuit Event 2005, Harrah’s Rincon
– 1st Place for $500,000 at the NBC Heads-Up Championship Event – NBC National Heads-Up Championship, 2008.
– 3rd Place for $388,287 at the Event2 No-Limit Hold’em – 39th Annual World Series of Poker, 2008.
– 1st Place for $362,088 at the No Limit Hold’em Championship – WSOP Circuit Event, 2005-Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Chris is one poker player that is special in his own way. For instance, he is known of being able to throw a playing card so fast that it can cut through fruit. He is a player that can sit quietly at a poker table and strategically clinch the perfect win. He is well known and other players do have some fear when they play with this controversial player.

Although he is one heck of a winner, Chris has also had some dark days on the poker table. He has been a customary participant at the WPT circuit for several years. But he has never won the title. He once tried to gather the WPT honors and he ended up coming 6th. This event was hosted at the Los Angeles Poker Classic $9,900 Main Event of 2009. So far, he has recorded 3 final tables and an overall 11 WPT money closes.

So has Chris Ferguson actually gone broke?

Just like any other poker player, or wealthy person, Chris Ferguson has gone through a lot. Apparently, he has had a very rough poker career in the past 3 years. With cases with the authorities, and multiple scandals. For instance, the court documents indicated that Chris concurred that he forfeited millions of dollars that he had earned as Full Tilt Poker founder and head. This was among the 3 online platforms that was cut off from accessing to US customers. It was due to a number of indictments.

Following the forfeit in dollars of the poker customers, Chris Ferguson has betrayed the trust he had in the poker community. He and his associate have ruined people’s lives and it looks like his poker engagements is fading away. Since he denied doing any wrong with Full Tilt Poker, there has been claims that he might not be forgiven and allowed to participate in any poker game. Despite all these speculations, the truth is yet to come out about the said scandal.

His fraud associated with the company, TiltWare, has jeopardized his poker career about 2 years now. That might affect his future earning, however, it is not open enough how much he is worth at the moment. But since he might not, and the word is might not, engage is any future poker games, that could really devastate his financial status. Nevertheless, it is not official that he cannot play at a poker table, after all, it’s upon the management and participants of that particular table. All in all, it is not obvious if he is broke or if his poker career is over.

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