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Is Jonathan Duhamel Broke?

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Has Jonathan Duhamel gone broke?

This Canadian professional poker player won the 2010 WSOP, which earned him his one and only bracelet and earned him the glory of being the first Canadian Player to win the major event of the World Series of Poker. With one WSOP bracelet and 57-career cashes and other impressive winnings in other tournaments, Jonathan Duhamel has earned his status as a leading Canadian Poker. His total wins amounts to around $15,585,996, and he continues adding up his career earnings. Duhamel won $8,944,310 in the 2010 WSOP Main event by beating John Racener heads-up to win the title.

He became a victim of a robbery where he lost his Main Event bracelet together with a Rolex Submarine watch, when his Montreal home got invaded. The police allegedly linked his ex-girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse with planning the home invasion. The Canadian Champion also got involved in a brawl with German poker pro Martin Finger at the 2012 PCA players party. Speculation is rife as more people ask this; is Jonathan Duhamel broke?, with all the woes that have plagued him, noting that he has struggled in some big games and recorded some not so impressive performances.

Outspoken Tournament Guru

Duhamel is one outspoken player who always shares out his take on the poker game in his popular blog PokerStars. He recently wrote on WSOP champs, ambassadorship, and the future of poker. He comments on his blog that, “Not everyone who has won the WSOP Event likes to go touring every time.” – Jonathan Duhamel. Some of his other statements are available on his blog. His opinions and his personality of self-expression are now in a book he has written- “Cards on Table.” In this book, he relishes the path of his career highlight, his fame and talks about winning of the Main event. He writes in his book on what distinguishes an occasional winner and a real pro.

Jonathan Duhamel’s Top Five Tournament Cashes:

-1st place for $8,944,138 at the 2010-41st annual WSOP event – No-Limit Hold’em Championships.
-2nd place for $634,550 at the 2012 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure Event 26th – No Limit Hold’em High Roller 8 Max.
-4th place for $313,600 at the 2012 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure Event 1 – No Limit Hold’em Super High Roller 8 Max w/ Re-Entry.
-1st place for $272,209 at the Jan 2011 Pokerstars EPT Deauville Event 29th – No Limit Hold’em.
-1st place for $239,830 at the Jan 2012 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure Event 12 – No Limit Hold’em 8 Max.

Duhamel has been impressive with his winnings in various tournaments. He has toured various poker games. Aside from blogging about poker, he is a big fan of the Montreal Canadians Children’s Foundation, where he personally donated $100,000 of his earnings. The Canadian poker pro gave an incredible run at the 2012 EPT Pokerstars Caribbean event as he final tabled 4 events within a week.

World Series of Poker

The 2010 World series tournament was his big breakthrough. He started by cashing $1,500 in no limit Hold’em, in a six-handed tournament he finished in the 50th position for around $6.000, a month later he earned $2,500 and another almost $40,000 in no limit Hold’em finishing in the 15th place. He was also among nine finalists of a $10,000 main event prize and then he won the title and cashed in almost$9 million.

World Poker Tour

Duhamel has had three-poker tour cashes, including two final tables on his record. He finished 7th at the Marrakech poker tour. He also finished second in the poker classic event in L.A and went on to rank at the thirteenth position of the Bay 101 championship.


Two months after he won the WSOP main event, Duhamel signed a sponsorship deal with Pokerstars, and he is a member of the sites pro team.

So has Jonathan Duhamel actually gone broke?

It seems like Jonathan’s’ celebrity status is waning, aside from being the main winner of the main event in 2010; not much versatility is imminent in his play. No endorsements made and not much game to show from one of pokers’ pro. So is Jonathan Duhamel broke?

Well, his career has had its dark days, the robbery incidence where he lost his bracelet, some valuables and cash gave him a minor setback. The police did not recover all the stolen items including the stolen bracelet.

Many fans are wondering whether the pro is broke, and his game suffered, judging from the trending twitter posts the player shows that he is far from done. In his latest twitter post, he says “he just got busted at WSOP main event that he didn’t have the best summer season, but he still had a blast.” It is unlikely from his social comments that his game is down, he may not have a current big win for now, but his successive wins in major tournaments are likely to make him stay on top as one of the pros with plenty of cash.

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