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Is Patrick Antonius broke?

Patrick Antonius is the second-biggest winner, behind only Phil Ivey, in the history of online poker. Over a little more than 500,000 tracked hands, he showed a profit of $11,315,549. He may not be as well known as some of the other high stakes pros, but Patrick Antonius plays as well as anyone in the game. Still, the question comes up: Is Patrick Antonius broke?

Tournament results

Antonius is a self-proclaimed cash-game specialist, but he has had success in tournament poker as well. His career tournament winnings total $6,767,939, good for 62nd on the all-time money list. His top five career tournament cashes:

– 2nd place for $1.235 million in the 2012 Aussie Millions A$250,000 Challenge
– 2nd place for $1.046 million in the 2005 WPT Five Diamond Classic $15,000 Main Event
– 3rd place for $633,419 in the 2013 Aussie Millions A$10,000 Main Event
– 5th place for $626,937 in the 2014 Aussie Millions A$100,000 Challenge
– 4th place for $584,873 in the 2012 EPT Grand Final €100,000 Super High Roller

Antonius has said that he would play more tournaments if there was more money in them. Instead, he plays big, big cash games.

Online cash games

Antonius won the largest pot in the history of online poker, worth $1.3 million, during a heads-up match with Isildur1, a.k.a. Victor Blom, on Full Tilt Poker in 2009. According to, Antonius was the winner of four of the top ten largest pots ever played online. In addition to winning the biggest hand ever, he also drug single pots worth $878,959, $810,984, and $783,985.

Televised cash games

Antonius has been a regular on televised cash games, where, as with the online games, he is often involved in the biggest hands. On High Stakes Poker, Antonius and Sammy Farha played a hand in which the pot reached $998,800 when Antonius moved in with Jh 9h and Farha called with Kd Qd on a flop of 6d 3c 9d. They agreed to run the turn and river four times each; Antonius won three of them and added $749,100 to his stack.

On Poker After Dark, Tom “durrrr” Dwan won a pot worth almost $561,800 from Antonius in the biggest hand ever on the show. The two got all-in on the turn with the board reading Tc Qh 4d Ks. Dwan held Kd Kc for turned top set and Antonius had Ts Th for a lower set. They ran the river twice but Antonius missed his one out both times and durrrr won the whole pot.

In another entertaining hand, Antonius was playing pot-limit Omaha and got all-in versus Andrew Robl on the flop for a pot worth $262,200 at the Aussie Millions Invitational Cash Game. Robl was 27 percent to win the hand when the money went in and the two players agreed to run the turn and river four times. Despite being a huge dog, Robl won all four runs and drug the whole pot.

Other big games

Antonius is also a regular player in the Big Game at the Bellagio, where he’s been playing for years. Indeed, in the biggest cash games both on television and off, Antonius has a reputation as one of the strongest players and biggest winners.


Antonius has also earned money as a paid endorser, most notably as a member of Team Full Tilt beginning in 2008. The details of his deal with Full Tilt are not publicly known but it has been rumored that he may have had an equity interest in the company of as much as 1%. He has likely made millions of dollars from his relationship with FTP over the years. But when he’s playing at the highest stakes in the world, isn’t it possible that Patrick Antonius will go broke?

Can Patrick Antonius go broke?

In an interview in 2007, Antonius said of course it was possible that he would someday go broke, but he would have to lose his mind for it to happen. He said he would never put himself in a position where he might lose his whole bankroll. If he had a bankroll of only $1 million, for example, he would play in a game where he could lose a maximum of $70,000. Back then he said he was debt free, living in a house that was paid for.

Considering that Antonius has only moved up in stakes and only enjoyed greater success since he gave that interview, it seems unlikely that he has gone broke.

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