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David Benyamine’s Net Worth

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What is David Benyamine’s Net Worth?

David Benyamine is a French poker player who is widely recognised in professional circles as a Pot-limit Omaha specialist. His appetite for betting was first developed through his involvement in rummy as a teenager in Paris, and it was in the same capital that he later consolidated his poker skills at the famous Aviation Club de France.

Prior to his commitment to a full-time poker career, Benyamine’s life history was primarily sporting; he played tennis at a high level before being diagnosed with retirement-inducing arthritis aged 18, and later turned his hand to French Billiards. It was 2005 before Benyamine made a permanent move to the world’s poker capital, Las Vegas, and he presently resides in Henderson, Nevada, having formerly been engaged to fellow poker star Erica Schoenberg. Like his former fianc√©, Benyamine has had a sponsorship agreement with Full Tilt Poker which may be significant for gauging his present net worth.

Poker Success

The following is a brief summary of David Benyamine’s career history and key winnings as a professional poker player.

2003 – Grand Prix de Paris, 1st place, $410,886.
2004 – LA Poker Classic, 6th place, $132,355.
2008 – Bellagio Cup IV, 2nd place, $840,295.
2008 – $10,000 Ohama Hi-Low Split, 1st place, $535,687.
2010 – WPT Championship, 4th place, $329,228.

While Benyamine is the holder of a single World Series of Poker bracelet, his highest in the money finish in a WSOP Main Event is a 58th-placed end position in 2010. In addition to his one World Poker Tour title, meanwhile, Benyamine has appeared at the final table on a total of four occasions on the global circuit. A European Poker Tour title has thus far eluded his grasp, although he has reached the final table once on this platform.

Benyamine’s most sizeable recent winnings were acquired during Event 55 at The $50,000 Poker Players Championship in June 2013, where he finished 4th and won $497,122.

Benyamine is known for his endurance at the poker table – he has played for over 48 consecutive hours, and is widely considered one of the world’s best long-session poker players. It is this staying-power that has furnished some of Benyamine’s biggest successes; that his senses remain alert while those of others tire confers a significant advantage in drawn-out games. Benyamine has shown a preference for the Big Game, but recent losses have shaped his more cautious approach in recent years, playing for 80% rather than 100%.

So what is David Benyamine actually worth?

Naturally, it’s difficult to estimate Benyamine’s net worth given the rise-and-fall nature of poker itself. The picture is further complicated by the succession of losing streaks suffered by the French star in his appearances at the poker table after his career highs of 2008. Notwithstanding this, however, David Benyamine’s current net worth can be estimated at $17 to $20 million.

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