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Gus Hansen’s Net Worth

What is Gus Hansen’s Net Worth?

Currently, most people have shown interest to know Gus Hansen net worth. First, it is important to note that most of Gus Hansen’s money came from outside of playing poker. To be specific, tournament poker actually gave Gus Hansen a small percentage of his total income since the buying fees and taxes take such a huge amount of his winning.

Poker success

Here are a number of Hansen sources of his income:

i. He was the founding partner of the, which sold at about $15m in 2005.

ii. He was an excellent backgammon player where he made a significant amount of money.

iii. He plays live on TV high stakes games.

iv. Other sources of his wealth include celebrity endorsements, earnings for appearing on TVs, and he also likely earns a huge amount of money being a Full Tilt Poker Pro.

So what is Gus Hansen actually worth?

While we cannot claim to know the exact Gus Hansen net worth, we have stated a number of his source of income. The question that most people keep asking themselves is will Hansen poker losses leave him hungry? He reported that although his online numbers were not looking pretty, he could still afford a sandwich. Therefore, it is clear that the Gus’s poker losses have not made him bankrupt. The other question is there any possibility that Gus will ever prepare enough to beat the crème de crème of the online pros? The answer is no. If Gus was to spend a year studying his opponents well, reviewing all games, and concentrating on practice, he should have already won. Moreover, if he has done all this things and he still fails it is a sign that he is not talented in online poker.

Still, Hansen admitted that he has not been concentrating enough on the online poker games and that variance had gotten the best of him. Therefore, some says that Gus still has chance of competing at the highest stakes online; he only has to do what it takes to win this game. Another problem that Gus has always made is always choosing to play with the best players in all games in choose to play arguing that it is the best way to learn. We should know that although it is the best way to learn, it would also reduce Gus Hansen’s net worth, as it is the most expensive way to learn.

Gus Hansen is estimated to be worth between $12-15 million.

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